Pre-Purchase and Escrow Inspection

Buying such a house means you will be responsible for legalizing it to avoid fines from the city, complications for a mortgage, and re-insurance and liability issues as the new owner. While the sellers are required to disclose any unpermitted additions to the potential buyers, many times they fail to do so just because they did not know about the work or they do not want to risk a low appraisal. Depending on the scope of work, you may be required to undo it or spend an exorbitant amount of money to correct the violation and pull a retroactive building permit.

Therefore, it is important to have the property you intend to purchase inspected by professionals before you close the deal. We at CCS Inc provide pre-purchase and escrow inspection services to help potential buyers determine the true worth of their potential property and make a well-informed decision. Regardless of the property type you are preparing to invest in, we put ourselves in your shoes to identify the possible areas of concern and provide a realistic estimate of repair/legalization costs. Based on these findings, you can negotiate with the seller to resolve the unpermitted work, or ask for a steep discount to take on the additional risk and the liability to legalize it.

We provide LADBS code compliance inspection services for;

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Services Los Angeles

No matter what the type of property, wise buyers always come prepared to the table with an expert inspection from CCS Inc. Call us today to schedule an inspection of the property you intend to purchase to prevent nasty and possibly expensive surprises down the line and get control of negotiations.

Unpermitted Additions

Many homeowners in Los Angeles bypass the permitting process while adding a new room, second-story or ADU to maximize their habitable square footage.

We will check whether the current structure of the property you are preparing to purchase matches the permit plans and discover if it has an unpermitted construction.

Depending on the type of structure and complexity of the violation, we can help you calculate the estimated cost of bringing it up to the code.

Unpermitted Additions
Unpermitted Garage Conversions

Unpermitted Garage Conversions

It is common for homeowners to convert the underutilized space in their garage into a living room, guest house, or ADU without the necessary paperwork. Therefore, it is important that the converted garage in your potential property is up to the code, safe, and structurally sound.

We will inspect the property in question to verify the compliance of the converted garage with the applicable codes.

If a permit was not obtained prior to the conversion, we will help you calculate the estimated costs associated with the remedial work and a retroactive permit.

Unpermitted Non-Livable Sqft

It is also not uncommon for homeowners to create and add non-livable square footage without permits. While many of these spaces are exempted from permits, enclosed porches, tree houses, retaining walls, and detached accessory structures may require prior approval from the city in certain scenarios.

We will walk through the property you are looking to purchase to discover if it has unpermitted non-livable square footage.

If the permit requirement is in question, we will provide you with the cost estimation of getting it legalized.

Unpermitted Non-Livable Sqft

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