ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

ADU are likely to be known by several different names: garage conversion and any conversion, mother in law suite, home office, garage apartment and many more. in Los Angeles county an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is technically any secondary unit that can be legally converted or added either on the same lot or within a house, manufactured home or attached house in R1 zone that stands for residential home or residential zone.

An additional dwelling unit is legally part of the same property as the main house. an additional dwelling unit cannot be purchase or sold desperately.

What is ADU?
ADU example

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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) help the property owner with different living options that increase the value of the property. our typical ADU clients take advantage on the new law primarily to have office space so they can work from home, space for a nanny or extended family, additional rental income, some of our clients move into the new ADU and rent the main house, add more resale value. the new rules and regulations of the ADU contractors gives you all the options at different times in the ADU life span, depending on the current situations and needs of the homeowners.

CCS architects team will help you to legalize or build a new additional dwelling unit.