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Looking to maximize space and value? Consider converting your garage into a stunning Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Our expert team specializes in garage conversions, seamlessly turning unused space into functional living areas. Whether you need extra rental income, a cozy guest suite, or a private office, our garage conversion services have you covered. With meticulous planning and quality craftsmanship, we ensure your ADU meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Trust us to unlock the potential of your garage and enhance your property with a custom ADU conversion. Contact us today to get started!


When repurposing a garage into an ADU / converting garage into apartment, landlords have options: extending the existing structure, adding a second story, creating new units, or leaving it unchanged. All conversions include essential amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedrooms. Whether attached or detached, these conversions offer extra living space for your family or rental income.

CCS Inc delivers professional ADU garage conversion services at competitive rates. With a complimentary on-site inspection, our experts assess the garage’s condition, listen to your requirements, and offer a free consultation. This process ensures an accurate project estimate tailored to your needs.

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How much is it to convert a garage?

For a quality garage conversion that gives you an ADU with a kitchen and bath, you can expect to spend anywhere between $100,000 and $120,000. READ MORE: The Full Building Cost Guide: ADU, Addition & Garage Conversion

Garage conversions are the most budget-friendly Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). An existing garage converted into a functional ADU comes with several advantages such as lower building costs. Get a free estimate on your Garage Conversion project.


What Are The Rules For Converting A Garage?

Before starting your garage conversion project, consult with CCS Inc, a qualified contractor or architect familiar with local regulations to ensure compliance with all rules and requirements. By following the necessary guidelines, you can successfully convert your garage into a functional and legal living space in Los Angeles.

Zoning Regulations

Check the zoning laws in your area to ensure that garage conversions are permitted. Different neighborhoods may have specific zoning requirements, so it’s essential to verify this before proceeding. Is your address eligible for an ADU? Enter it and find out: ADU Eligibility Checker

Building Codes

Los Angeles has building codes that dictate the standards for construction projects, including garage conversions. These codes cover aspects such as structural integrity, electrical wiring, plumbing, and ventilation. Ensure that your conversion meets all relevant building codes to avoid potential issues down the line.

City Permit

Since January 2020, Senate Bill 1069 allows you also to convert your garage to an ADU, garage conversions typically require permits from the city government. You’ll need to submit detailed plans for the conversion project and obtain approval before commencing any work. Failure to obtain the necessary permits can result in fines and legal complications, so it’s essential to follow the proper procedures.

Parking Requirements

In some cases, converting a garage into living space may affect the number of parking spaces required for your property. Los Angeles has specific parking regulations that dictate the minimum number of parking spots for residential properties. Make sure your conversion complies with these requirements to avoid any issues with parking regulations.

Setback Requirements

Setback regulations determine how close structures can be built to property lines. Ensure that your garage conversion adheres to setback requirements to avoid violations and potential legal issues.

Utility Connections

When you converting your garage, you need to make the connections of all the essential resources to convert the garage into a living space, such as electricity and plumbing. For these CCS Inc will plan accordingly and obtain the permits.

Energy Efficiency

To make sure your new converted ADU will be eligible for the city permit, it will require also ceilings and walls insulation. To make your ADU energy efficient, use energy efficient windows, or match the windows with the main house current windows.


Every ADU includes also a bathroom and kitchen, for that need to make sure it has proper airflow by the natural breeze to meet ventilation requirements.


If you plan to use the converted space as a dwelling unit, it must meet accessibility standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes features such as wheelchair-accessible entrances, doorways, and bathrooms.

Fire Safety

Los Angeles has strict fire safety regulations that must be followed when converting a garage into living space. This may include installing fire-rated walls, doors, and windows to ensure the safety of occupants.

How To Convert A Garage To Add Space To Your Property

Whether attached, detached, or a second story, garage conversions offer versatile solutions for various purposes, depending on their size. Plus, you have the option to build upwards, allowing you to keep the garage and add a new unit above or combine the two for a larger space. The choice is yours! Unlock the potential of your garage and create a functional area that suits your needs.


Example for Garage Before ADU Conversion


Example for ADU that Converted from a Garage

Reasons Why Converting The Garage To ADU Is The Best Move For Your Property.

Converting your garage into a useable living space can be beneficial for you in a number of ways, including;


An Additional Source of Income

The first and foremost reason behind investing in a garage conversion is that it allows you to generate additional income. A right structure, equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, is a great alternative to an apartment. You can use the income to meet your living expenses, fund your business, or pay your mortgage.

Increases Your Property Value

The additional living space will make your house a lucrative option for any potential future buyers and massively increase its price if you will ever want to sell it.

A Great Housing Option For Family

Everyone loves spent time with their loved ones. However, the number of bedrooms in the main house are limited, and there are times when grandparents, relatives, or friends find themselves deprived of a place to stay with family. Converting your garage into a fully functional livable space is a plausible solution to prevent the situation when you have to force a visiting family to sleep on a couch.

Provides An Leisure Space

A garage conversion also provides you with a space for fun and leisure for yourself and your family. Whether you want to a fully stocked home gym to stay in shape, a stylish lounge with a bar, a play area, or a relaxing room to spend time with your kids, there are endless possibilities you can turn your new room into a space where you can enjoy the things you love.

Transform Your Garage with CCS Inc's Expert Garage Conversion Services

From second-story additions to attached or detached units, our expert team specializes in designing and building your dream ADU. Trust our expertise for seamless permit handling and construction, ensuring your space is both functional and beautiful. Contact us today to elevate your garage conversion project!

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Is it expensive to convert a garage into an ADU?
This question has many variables, the size of the garage, attached or detached from the main home, in the front or back of the property just to name a few. The great news is that we offer a free site evaluation to help with answering this question.

How long will it take to convert my garage into an ADU?
The time depends on the approval process as well your specific preferences of the conversion. Typically, a standard 400 sq ft garage conversion may take between 6-8 months including plans, permits and construction.

How do I know if I am eligible to do a garage conversion on my property?
Our company will do some research on your property and visit the planning department to ensure you are eligible for a garage conversion.

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