Garage Conversion

Convert Your Garage to an ADU

When converting a garage into an ADU, landlords may extend their existing structure, build a second story, attach new units or leave it as is. All garage conversions obtain amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. Whether the garage is attached or detached from your home, garage conversions can be utilized for aging parents or still nested adult children.  

CCS Inc provides professional garage to ADU conversion services at one of the best market rates. Through a free on-site inspection, our team of experts will analyze the condition of the garage and provide you with a free consultation. As a result, we can provide a more adequate estimate for your project.

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ADU Garage Conversion


Example for Garage Before ADU Conversion


Example for ADU that Converted from a Garage

Maximize the Potential of Your Garage

Attached, detached or second story garage conversions can be utilized for multi-use purposes depending on its size. Garage conversions have the option of extending upwards. Whether you want to keep the garage and build a new unit above or combine the two; the choice is yours


One Car Garage

These garages are too small to convert but can always be extended to increase living options.

Two Car Garage

Typically considered standard with 400 sqft. These structures may contain an independent bathroom, kitchen, dining room, space for washer and dryer with a master bedroom & a closet.

Three Car Garage

Roughly 700 sqft which can fit two bedrooms in addition to all amenities.

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By managing your project from start to finish, CCS Inc helps you budget your garage conversion. Whether you would like to build a second story structure, an addition to the home, or a detached structure; we will design & build the ideal ADU for you to deliver outstanding results.

Garage Conversion Advantages

Usually cheaper than a ground-up construction

Built quicker than a new structure

Additional multi-use space

Increase your property value

Are not required to meet ADU setbacks

Add a second story or extend structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to convert a garage into an ADU?

This question has many variables, the size of the garage, attached or detached from the main home, in the front or back of the property just to name a few. The great news is that we offer a free site evaluation to help with answering this question.

How long will it take to convert my garage into an ADU?

The time depends on the approval process as well your specific preferences of the conversion. Typically, a standard 400 sq ft garage conversion may take between 6-8 months including plans, permits and construction.

How do I know if I am eligible to do a garage conversion on my property?

Our company will do some research on your property and visit the planning department to ensure you are eligible for a garage conversion.

Finance Your Garage Conversion

We have financing programs available for your garage to ADU project.


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