New ADU Financing Options

Accessory dwelling units have currently become the #1 real estate investment in Los Angeles, California. Building and expanding house properties generate additional rental income, increase the value of your home and creates extra living space for those in need.

Although these new structures bring a lot of benefits to our client’s properties, many of them do not have the capital to invest in any garage conversions, room additions or accessory dwelling units. As a result, they may want to look for some form of funding or loan.

A loan can expedite the process to build and help those in need when investing in projects such as garage conversions and ADU construction.

ADUs have been increasing in demand significantly which is why CCS Inc has decided to implement new financing options. With a required down payment as low as 10% and Low Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate options, financing with CCS Inc. is simple. Your property value will be evaluated based on the potential of your home rather than the current market value. Closing expenses can be included in the loan amount and interests will ONLY be added to payments done during the construction phase and payments for the first year.

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How Financing Works

  1. Down payments starting as low as $1,000
  2. You will receive interest on costs ONLY through the construction phase of your project
  3. The construction phase cycles as long as 24 months (2 years)
  4. Can utilize equity from other properties to qualify
  5. Remodel the structure of your current home
  6. Only expenditures for the first year will receive interest
  7. Concluding expenses can be incorporated in the loan amount
  8. Low Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Options
  9. Equity values are based on “after improved” estimates rather than focusing on current market

We Have A Solution

CCS Inc now provides financing programs for ADU for those who need that extra push to make their vision become a reality. Our company is determined to maximize our clients living space in the most economical way and assist them with a financing option that will make this process go a lot smoother. Additional information provided below. 

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