Junior ADU

Junior ADU

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What is a Junior ADU / JADU?

A Junior ADU is defined as an additional living unit contained entirely within the primary dwelling unit. It shall not exceed more than 500 square feet, and does not require any additional parking.
A Junior ADU must include a fully-equipped kitchen and separate entrance.

Benefits of Building a JADU

By expanding living options, an ADU and a Junior ADU can be built on the same lot. Many people do not have the space or capital to build bigger units such as 800sqft; instead, a Junior ADU will work as an alternative when building smaller additions for a lower price.

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Requirements for a JADU

A Junior ADU must be built within an existing single family residence. An “Efficiency Kitchen” must include a 16″x 16″ sink (maximum) and small drain line of 1.5″ diameter (maximum), a reasonable size counter for food preparation and appliances that require electrical services for less than 120 volts.

Junior Accessory Dwelling Units must meet the minimum requirement of 220sq.ft. and a maximum of 500 square feet. Owner occupancy is required

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Full-Service Junior ADU Builders

We are a team of professionals consisting of general contractors who ensure our clients receive an extraordinary A-Z experience. Our services include the design of floor plans, a expeditious permit expediting process, a complete JADU project management plan and an impeccable construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many accessory dwelling units can you have?

Single family homes that are zoned R-1 are allowed to have a regular detached ADU of up to 1,200 square feet and a junior ADU of up to 500 square feet to be built attached to the existing dwelling unit.

Can you rent out a junior accessory dwelling unit?

Renting out a junior ADU is allowed for long-term occupancy but cannot be used as a vacation rental. After all, the city of Los Angeles require homeowners to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

Does an ADU increase property taxes?

An addition of an ADU ultimately increases the value of one’s property which means that property taxes will increase as well. However, the increase on property tax is only on a marginal value since an ADU is considered a home addition for assessors.

Junior ADU Financing

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