Multi Tenant ADU

Accessory Dwelling Units on a Multi-Tenant Property... Yes You Can!

Starting January 2020 the State of California allows adding ADUs to multi-tenant properties such as Duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes, Apartment buildings and even large apartment complexes. The number of ADUs you can add will vary and in many cases multiple ADUs are doable.

Imagine increasing the number of your rental units by 20% – 40% without buying any new properties. You already own the parcel, now you can maximize its full potential. Let us guide you through the best real estate investment process in the market today.

Looking to add units to your multifamily property? As the #1 ADU company in Los Angeles, CCS Inc will assist you from start to finish.

    Step by Step for Adding ADUs to Your Rental Property:

    Consultation Phase
    We will meet at your property for an on-site inspection to establish number of ADUs, placement, access and more. General build costs architectural and structural goals review.

    Design Phase
    Our in-house design team will discuss build style, floor plans, finish materials, colors and more to create best ROI and long term durability.

    Permit Expediting Phase
    It may take up to 60 days (more or less) for the city to approve our submitted plans. Depending on the workload municipalities have at the moment will identify turnaround time. If no corrections are needed, the city will give us building permits to begin the construction process.

    Build Phase
    As a Design Build firm we have a direct channel of communication between our design team, project manager and field crews. While the plans are in processing we already secure building materials, schedule deliveries and prep the hands on crew. We will build according to the highest standards, handle all inspections with the city and complete the work in a timely manner

    Certificate Of Occupancy
    Once approved, a Certificate of Occupancy is issued and the unit is ready tenant to move in.

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    From The First Consultation To The Final Construction

    At CCS Inc, we provide you with a free on-site inspection and professional consultation to determine your property’s eligibility.

    We then work collectively with our designers and engineers to assist you through the design & planning phase of the project. Through a fast city permit approval process, we can start your multi tenant project today!

    The Good News & The Better News

    Adding ADUs to your property generates numerous opportunities for the future. You can add more than two ADUs on multifamily lots and up to two ADUs in a single-family lot as of January 2020. Additional units may be built by converting existing structures, such as garages, basements and attics into living space including amenities.  Existing floor space can be modified in various ways of your liking you can build new units from ground-up as attached or detached ADUs.

    For every two main units, you can build one ADU. On a property with a fourplex, you are eligible for two ADUs and potentially additional Junior ADUs. We hope Los Angeles city regulations continue to become less restrictive as we will continue to help our local clients as your ADU specialists. 

    About Our Upcoming Event

    Attend to our up coming event and hear more about the Multifamily & Single Family properties potential with the new ADU laws in California and how you can take advantage of that to increase all of your properties values by at least 30%.

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    ADU Finance Program

    We have financing programs available for your Multi Tenant ADU project.



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