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What Is A Detached ADU?

A Detached ADU is a secondary dwelling unit that is located on your property separate from the main house. Your ADU will be designed with a full kitchen, bathroom, living space and more, based on your approved design and built according to CA ADU Building Codes standards. Detached ADUs are eligible for a separate address and separate utility meters.

a main house with a detached ADU to the right

Ground-up structures such as detached units will add extra living space and increase landlord’s rental income. We have the expertise and knowledge to maximize your ROI and increase your property value to it’s highest potential. By adding new construction, our design and building professionals will transform your detached ADU ideas into reality .

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Benefits of a Detached ADU

Extra Living Space
A detached ADU can be built up to 1,200 sqft which can fit up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

Passive Income
Rent out your detached ADU to generate additional passive income. 

Increased Property Value
Building a detached ADU will significantly elevate the value of your property. 

Maintain Privacy for You and Your Tenants
With detached units we have more flexibility in designing separate entrances, walkways, backyards and patios. Both the main home and the ADU can enjoy an outdoor experience in a private setting.

a creme colored detached ADU on a lot surrounded by a wooden fence with trees in the background

The Process


Design & Planning

Creative custom designs for your property, including energy efficiency and personal requirements.


We are experts in expeditiously processing city permits and planning applications.


Build your Detached ADU from ground up, or convert from an existing structure such as a garage.

Use our estimates form to send us the most important details about your ADU project and get for free the estimated costs for your ADU.

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CCS Inc Provides Complete Detached ADU Services, Including Custom Layouts, City Permits, and Construction Management.

ADU Financing

We have financing programs available for your detached ADU project.


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