An Attached ADU can be anything from converting a section of your existing home, building an addition, or converting your attached garage; it can even be a second-story addition to your home with a dedicated entrance. The ADU will have its own kitchen, bathroom, and living space and be a completely independent home.

Build an Attached ADU With CCS Inc

Maximize Your Structure

An attached ADU must be built entirely or contained within a primary dwelling unit. Necessary provisions such as sleeping, eating, living, cooking and sanitation purposes must be established in any ADU by including a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a separate entrance.

One Bedroom Attached ADU

A 400 square feet ADU will include all amenities in addition to a master bedroom with a sliding door closet, a dining room, and living area.

One Bedroom Attached ADU
Two Bedroom Attached ADU

Two Bedroom Attached ADU

A minimum of 650 square feet ADU will provide enough space for a two-bedroom structure consisting of all amenities and an additional bathroom.

Three Bedroom Attached ADU

Maximizing your living space by building a 1,00 to 1,200 square feet ADU will create the ideal three-bedroom, 2 bath accessory dwelling unit, including all amenities.

Three Bedroom Attached ADU

Invest In Your Property


Additional Living Spaces

Building an Attached ADU on your property is a convenient way to create additional living spaces / rooms.

Higher Passive Income

If you are renting out your property with an attached ADU, you’re able to generate higher income from the same property.

Increased Property Value

An attached ADU will significantly increase the value of your property.


Schedule an appointment with one of our ADU specialists and learn more about the building options you qualify for.

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ADU – The #1 Real Estate Investment

Expand your Profits

Maximize the structure of your property by adding square footage. This will increment the value of your home and monthly rates.

Transparent Consulting

Through an on-site consultation, our ADU specialists will work with you to build the best option for you.

Return of Investment

An ADU is a long-term investment. Our team is known for maximizing the ROI as much as possible using the lowest budget for maximum results.

Fully Licensed & Bonded

Through years of experience, we have become the leaders in the ADU industry in Los Angeles.

ADU Financing

We have financing programs available for your attached ADU project.

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