ADU Amnesty Program Approved To Legalize Unpermitted Units

With the ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) surge firsthand in the San Fernando Valley, CCS Inc is excited to share recent developments that ease the pathway to legalizing unpermitted ADUs in Los Angeles.

With over 25,000 ADUs have been permitted in LA since 2017, with permits doubling from 2017 to 2021, as reported by Crosstown LA. California experienced a significant 61% increase in ADU production in 2022, according to the Los Angeles Times.

To simplify the permitting process, property owners are now required to return residential units to their original state, apply for a certificate of occupancy for the garage, and then rebuild their ADU.

Understanding the challenges faced by homeowners, City Council member Monica Rodriguez took decisive action in December, introducing a motion to eliminate this step and facilitate the legalization of unpermitted ADUs.

Detached garages have become increasingly popular for homeowners seeking to convert them into granny flats or ADUs. These units, once constituting one in every four homes built in Los Angeles, represent a promising solution to the city’s housing crisis, providing much-needed housing while enabling homeowners to generate additional income.

During the pandemic, some homeowners missed a crucial step by not applying for a certificate of occupancy, possibly due to the closure of parts of the city’s planning department. Real estate agent Juan Alderete notes that the process is often expensive and time-consuming, discouraging some homeowners.

To address this, City Council member Monica Rodriguez’s motion, approved unanimously by the LA City Council in April, eliminates the requirement to return units to their original state. This change, while temporary, aims to encourage property owners to seize the opportunity to legalize their unpermitted ADUs.

“In other words, a garage illegally converted into a residential unit must be first fully permitted as, and returned to, a garage before the applicant can then apply to legalize and convert their unit into an ADU,” states the motion.

Council member Rodriguez emphasizes that this expedited approach will not compromise the safety of the units; rather, it will remove red tape in the process and provide an invaluable chance for homeowners to legalize their unpermitted ADUs.

This program is a temporary initiative designed to empower homeowners to take advantage of this unique opportunity to legalize their unpermitted ADUs.

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