ADUs – The Number One Real Estate Investment

Many people ask the same question when intending to build an accessory dwelling unit in their property: “Would it be more economical to do a garage conversion or build new construction for an ADU? Although this is a valid question, the answer to this is a little more complex.

Existing car garages are typically included in the floor plans with the existing home, which were built decades ago. As a result, the foundation of those garages might not be suitable to withhold the structure of an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Due to this issue, a cost of demolition must be included to the budget and a new foundation will need to be built.

On the contrary, with a solid foundation and accommodation of codes & regulations; the existing structure can then be used to transform a garage into a well-designed ADU. In this scenario, a garage conversion would be more affordable than new construction, but costs can fluctuate if building requirements aren’t to be met.
CCS Inc (Construction Consulting Services) is a design to build company in Los Angeles who focus their time and efforts in giving their clients an extraordinary building experience. Through the use of their in-house architectural firm and construction division, CCS Inc ensures high quality designs and exceptional execution in construction. Other services may include structural engineering, soil reports, survey, title 24, energy calculations, and permit expediting which can all be done within the same umbrella. They are a one stop shop!
Danny Yamnistki (founder of CCS) and his team of professionals encourage homeowners/home investors to turn their attention to ADU constructions/garage conversions to receive a high return of investment.
New laws are to become effective January 1, 2020 which solely focus on helping homeowners build additional units in their property and eliminate existing barriers. With the help from the city, and knowledge from companies such as CCS, California might have found the solution to the housing crisis.
Get free in-house consultation and receive a proper estimate for your project. For additional information and learn more about ADUs, Whether your vision includes the construction of a detached or attached ADU, a garage conversion or simple room addition; Danny Yamnistki and his team will ensure your vision becomes a reality.
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