Foundation Specialist

Drainage Contractors…. Foundation Contractors…. Seismic Retrofitting…. Water Intrusion…. what should you do when you getting so many different opinions from the “experts” on “what to do” and “how much it costs”. ?

We are providing

CCS Inc. has been providing quality solutions to all foundation, drainage and different type of construction for over thirty years. Our foundation experts specialize in analyzing problems and providing practical solutions for residential and commercial issues regarding Foundations, Settlement, Seismic Retrofitting, Underpinning, Retaining walls, Hillside Stabilization and Water Intrusion.

Our Goals

What should you do? When you’re getting so many different opinions from “experts” on “what to do” and “how much its costs”?

Our main goal is to provide a solid understanding of the issues in layman’s term along with various appropriate solutions and exact costs so that the client can make an informed decision on how to proceed to the next step.

Foundation can be confusing since everyone has a different perspective on what needs to be done, let us tell you exactly what needs to be done with how long and how much it should cost.

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