Troubled Project Turnaround


Project Management

Critical Path Method is a calculation that determines which components are vital to project completion. CPM plays an important role in salvaging an operation.
The CCS team will examine the previous CPM and make adjustments according to the current conditions.
The updates will reflect new arrangements along with modified time frames.

Troubled Project Turnaround Construction Consulting & Management

Let the construction consulting and management experts at CCS transform your troubled project into a successful venture! We service homeowners and commercial clients.

Troubled Management Services

Problems in construction projects do not necessarily indicate lost causes; never abandon a home renovation or commercial building enterprise without a thorough appraisal. The CCS turnaround consultants and management team help troubled projects realize their full potential. Our highly trained consultants will assess the situation through document examination, performance reviews, budget projections, resource allocation, and job site inspection. We will also consider safety violations and solicit client input.
CCS analyzes the available data and makes recommendations for moving forward. We will present a detailed recovery plan that addresses scheduling, subcontracting, equipment utilization, environmental concerns, funding, billing, and on-site supervision. Of course, our calculations may indicate that the risks of continuation outweigh the benefits. We do not endorse ineffective strategies; in the event that a project is no longer viable, we will suggest dissolution. Rest assured that we view termination as the last available option.

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