Investor Services

With years of experience in real estate, construction, floor plans, permit processing, and much more, CCS is an invaluable resource for seasoned and new investors alike. If you are interested in real estate investments and not sure where to begin, if you have identified a potential property for investment and need to verify its probability, if you own properties and want to maximize the return, CCS is here to help.

We can help you strategize, locate, analyze, design, permit, and build your next investment. We have helped clients from their very first purchase all the way to owning a passive income-generating real estate portfolio. We can get you there!

  • Purchase Assistance – When you are ready to venture into real estate investments for the first time, we can explain the basics of identifying a good deal, pair you with the right deal-hunting realtor, and much more.
  • Property Highest and Best Use Review – Once locating a property to invest in, we can conduct a review of some of the possibilities the project offers and help with the decision making process.
  • Probability Report – We offer an in-depth analysis of potential properties to determine the financial side of every deal including approximate construction costs, future value, rental value, ROI, Cap Rate, Neighbourhood character and much more
  • Construction Budgeting and Support – When investing in real estate, one of the most intimidating factors is the cost of construction and renovations, choosing the right contractor can be a crucial element in the success of the project as well. With countless completed projects under our belt, we can help with budgeting and estimating costs, contractor screening and negotiating, timelines and payment schedules, and more.
  • Financial Consultation – Like in any investment, financing is usually a major component of every real estate project. Purchasing, construction loans, ARV loans, cash-out refinance, FHA 203K loans. These are just some of the financial products our team has at its disposal for your project success.
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