Are you looking for an experienced ADU construction company serving the Gardena region? Talk to your local contractor at CCS Inc for professional ADU, room addition, garage conversion design and construction.


We will work around your requirements and provide you the best professional advice. At CCS Inc, we have been working on ADU construction projects for several decades. Over that period, we have kept pace with the latest ADU news and trends.


Owing to that, we provide our customers with qualified advice. Whether adding an ADU to accommodate your aging parents, earn extra rental income, or to increase the property resale value, we have you covered. With that, we will cover the legwork ensuring that you have a finished backyard cottage ready for settlement.


So what sets CCS Inc apart from the competition when it comes to running ADU projects in the Gardena region? There is more than one reason to trust CCS Inc for Gardena ADU construction projects.

Start your ADU project in Gardena!

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    Experienced professionals handling the ADU construction from start to completion of the project

    For the years that we have been active, we have worked tirelessly to ensure success in every stage of a project. Our experience and dedication in ADU construction is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry.


    When hiring a professional service provider, you will inevitably go after experience and professionalism. At CCS Inc, we have worked on so many ADU construction projects in Gardena, and this has contributed immensely when it comes to gaining experience and ensuring professional customer service.


    Having faced countless hurdles, of which we have always emerged victorious, we guarantee our customers a job well done. When you hire CCS Inc for a ADU construction project you can sit back and relax. While knowing that real professionals are at work. We have done this in the past and we believe that nothing will stop us even when taking on new projects. 

    CCS Inc will handle the complicated ADU construction approvals

    Seeking approval for the ADU construction project can feel like a rigorous process as it involves a lot of back and forth. Are you worried about the process of seeking important approvals? Worry no more, because, at CCS Inc, we have the knowledge and clear understanding of what it takes to achieve a successful approval. Our experts are knowledgeable and already familiar with the approval process. We pride ourselves on the ability to get the project approved within a minimal amount of time. We guide you on the ADU design process, and choosing of an appropriate site, ensuring that your plans will be approved by the relevant authorities.

    Start your ADU project in Gardena!

      Affordable ADU consultation and construction

      The project budget is something that is of so much importance when it comes to the construction of the ADUs. Considering that you want to achieve quality solutions at an affordable price, we will advise you on the best approach when it comes to ADU construction. Our project management team will be there to help you select appropriate ADU construction materials and at an affordable rate. Besides, we are considered the cheapest ADU construction experts, and we provide value for your money. Call us today to request r a free estimate for your ADU Construction project.

      Construct your ADU within the Agreed Timelines

      Project management is always crucial when it comes to completing the projects within the agreed timelines. At CCS Inc, we believe in delivering projects as per the agreed terms. Therefore, when you come to us, we will work tirelessly making sure that the project is delivered within the agreed timeline. Therefore, there will be set milestones on every project that we will be undertaking, helping us to deliver on time. To discuss more your Gardena ADU construction project, feel free to contact CCS Inc. We are readily available and we respond in good time.

      Affordable ADU consultation and construction
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