Substandard Order and Notice

Hire CCS Inc To Resolve Your Substandard Order and Notice Letter

We at CCS Inc work with the property owners and tenants to bring substandard housing into compliance with state and city codes. No matter what the type of your property and complexity of violation, we can find the best solution to bring the property up to the code with applicable codes.

Substandard housing conditions make tenants more vulnerable to health problems, and access to safe, and the Los Angeles Department for Building and Safety (LADBS) is stern about it more than ever.

It may declare the property in question substandard and seek immediate remedies. Failing to comply may result in fines, penalties and even a criminal suit.

Let CCS Bring Your Substandard Property into Compliance

Dealing with building complaints can be extremely difficult, therefore, it is advisable to have experienced professionals on your side who can navigate the process for you. No matter how complex the violation, you can rely on us to remove unsafe housing conditions and bring your building up to the code. Reach out to us to discuss a possible solution for your substandard property with one of our experts.

Liaising You at LADBS Inspections

Your house must pass two or more inspections that certify that the work done complies with the plans submitted. We can assist you in scheduling them and represent you when they take place.

How To Remove Substandard Status From A Property?

Liaising You at LADBS Inspections

Application Submission for a Retroactive Permit

If the substandard notice pertains to the work that was done without obtaining necessary building permits, you will need to either undo it or obtain a retroactive building permit with the necessary.

No matter whether your property contains an unpermitted addition, conversion, or improvement, the odds of obtaining a permit post construction is high if minimum safety standards are adhered to.

From sketching out necessary drawings to submission of a permit application to LADBS and attending plans checks at review time to remedying any corrections, we can do everything to help you obtain a retroactive building permit.

Performing Remedial Work

If your house fails to pass the inspection the first time out, you will be provided with a list of items that need to be corrected. We will perform any required repairs and schedule a re-inspection.

If everything is fine, it shows that your structure meets the local building codes and the city will remove the substandard status from your property.

Contact Us To Resolve Your Substandard Order and Notice Letter And Remove The Substandard Status From Your Property. We Are Offering Free Consulting!

Received Violation Letter From LADBS

On the basis of a periodic inspection or a filed complaint, LADBS responds to the violation by serving the “Notice of Code Violation” that may seek remediation of the work in violation in a timely manner. If the owner fails to comply with the order within the time required by the order, the department would issue a “Notice and Order to Comply”, requiring the owner to take corrective action within a given period of time.

Should the owner continue to fail to respond to both the cited notices or abate the violation(s), the building department can serve them a “Substandard Order and Notice”. The letter discloses the conditions that make it substandard and may require the removal of the work in violation or the demolition of the substandard structure. If the department understands that the substandard conditions constitute a serious hazard to the life, health, or safety of the public or occupants, it may also declare it unsafe to occupy and order to vacate it.

Risks of Substandard Housing
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