ADU Grant Program Update January 2023

Preferred Partners Meeting on January 20, 2023, discussed various aspects of the ADU (accessory dwelling unit) Grant Fund and the challenges that the organization is facing. The California State’s budget shortfall of $24 billion is making it unlikely for the state to release the $50 million earmarked for ADU Grant funds in the near future. This has resulted in cancelations of grant funds by clients for reasons such as tax-related issues and lack of funding for their projects.
The meeting also discussed improvements in the invoicing department, such as quicker turnaround times, and changes in the process for submitting invoices and related documents. The organization is also working on improving customer service by introducing new positions such as account managers, receptionists, and a quality control person.
Furthermore, the organization is also looking for ways to provide added value to its preferred partners, such as promoting them on its website, and profiling them on other platforms to expose them to potential clients.

The full update PDF below: