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Building an additional units in your lot is a great way to increase property value and generate rental income. Ever since AB 1033 has been passed to allow selling the unit separately, more and more homeowners and real estate investors in the greater California are benefiting from it. Garage conversion is the most affordable choice because of the lower construction cost option as compared to other ADU’s, and that is why most people decide to convert their garage to an ADU.

However, choosing the wrong contractor might rush you to start the construction without the city approvals and obtain the required building permit prior starting to converting your garage into a living space.

In some cases, unpermitted conversion / unpermitted construction does not meet the city building codes and regulations. Such illegal building can create serious issues such as health, safety, or even fire. Also owning illegal unpermitted structure will lead to disclosure issues upon selling the house as illegal conversions or additions not considered as part of the existing residence and there is no added equity to the value of the property.

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How To Legalize Garage Conversion / Guest House / Home Addition

Recently, LADBS / city building authorities have increased the regulation on unpermitted expansions, specifically on those illegally converted garages, to ensure the health and safety of the occupants.

There are a number of factors involved in order to meet the city’s building and safety standards to get your unpermitted garage work legalized, which the ordinary homeowner often does not have the proper knowledge and experience to go through this required process, which result the garage to be to demolished and restored to the original condition.

You will need the following steps below to obtain a retroactive permit for your illegal construction:

Check Zoning Laws and Ordinances

Check Zoning Laws and Ordinances

The city allow building an ADU in some specific areas, to see if your illegal work is within the city’s zoning laws and ordinances check if your property is eligible to build an ADU. If your address is eligible the city planner will most probably see also the dimensions as well as the square footage to determine whether it complies with their zoning laws and ordinances. If it does, you may go-ahead to the next steps; however, if it does not, then legalizing your illegal ADU may not be an option. However, it won’t be the end of the road, and you can still take your chance and apply for a variance, an exception to the rules, if the city approves it.
Submission of Construction Documents

Floor Plans & Construction Documents

You will be required to submit the floor plan, site plan, electrical plan, and the Title 24 report (energy efficiency) to the city’s building department for Plan Check Review. Depending on the scope of the work done, you may also be required to provide structural engineering drawings that show structural load distribution. Make sure that the drawings you provide are accurate. The more precise they will be, the fewer comments the inspector will make during the inspection. It is advisable to hire an architect, a draftsman, a structural engineer, or an experienced design-build firm for putting together your documents and drawings.

Plan Check & Permit Issuance

During the process after you submit your documents and floor plans to the city, they will review the drawings to determine whether it meets their requirements for building an ADU. After several weeks you will be either granted approval of your plan check review or will be asked to address the corrections sought by the city inspectors. (click here for permit status search)

Initial Inspection & Necessary Repair Work

Following the issuance of permits, the city inspector will conduct an initial inspection to look at the elements approved on the plan, including structural and framing, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and HVAC. Based on his or her findings, the inspector will issue a report that may call for repair work if necessary.
 Final Inspection & Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

Final Inspection & Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

After the completion of necessary repair work, a final inspection would be carried out. Once everything is according to the approved plans and the initial inspection report, the authorities will sign off on the building permit and issue you a certificate of occupancy – a document which certifies that the dwelling is built in compliance with the city’s building codes and it is safe and sanitary for the residents.

Hire CCS Inc To Take Over Your Process Legalizing Your Unpermitted Garage Conversion / ADU / Addition

Being the leading design-build company in Los Angeles California, we at CCS Inc have the right knowledge to find the best in the trade and we count the highest experienced on finding the best most affordable way to permit and legalize any type of unpermitted construction. No matter what type of unpermitted dwelling unit you are looking to get up to the code, we will go to the city and update you with each step of the way to make the entire process as hassle-free for you as possible. Reach out to us at (323) 405-8909 and we can start for you the process of getting a post-construction permit.

Help in Legalizing an Unpermitted ADU

ADU Amnesty Program

In order to meet the growing crises of affordable housing in the state, California offers an amnesty program to encourage the homeowners to legalize qualifying unpermitted secondary units.

Eligible Properties for ADU Amnesty

Take into account the following eligibility requirements applying for an ADU amnesty.

  • The ADU was constructed or converted before December 31, 2019.
  • An occupant currently lives in the ADU.
  • There is no permit application in progress to legalize the unpermitted unit.