California Senate Passes AB 1033 (Ting): Sell ADU Separately

In a significant breakthrough for affordable housing in California, AB 1033 (Ting), a bill has successfully passed a full vote in the California Senate. This landmark legislation is set to open up new opportunities for homeowners by facilitating the condo conversion of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). At CCS Inc, we’re excited to share this breaking news with you as it promises to bring about positive changes in the housing landscape of the Golden State.

What Is AB 1033?

AB 1033 (Ting) is designed to expand an existing provision in state law, allowing to independently sell the ADU separately. What makes this bill especially groundbreaking is that it empowers cities and counties to make the decision to offer this option to all residents within their jurisdiction. This means more Californians will have the opportunity to access affordable housing through ADU conversions.

What Does AB 1033 Allow?

This bill allow homeowners to independently sell the ADUs on their properties. This is a transformative step forward, as it offers homeowners greater flexibility in managing their assets and provides an avenue for generating additional income through ADU sales.

Can I Sell My ADU In California?

With the new AB 1033 (Tiny) bill allowing homeowners to sell the ADU separately.

AB 1033 Ting Sell ADUThe Key Players In This Achievement:

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and collaboration of various stakeholders. We’d like to extend our gratitude to:

  • Casita Coalition: As the bill’s sponsor, the Casita Coalition has played a pivotal role in advocating for more accessible homeownership opportunities through ADU conversions.
  • Bay Area Council: Acting as a co-sponsor, the Bay Area Council has shown unwavering support for this legislation, underscoring the importance of affordable housing solutions in the region.
  • Assemblymember Phil Ting: Assemblymember Ting’s leadership and commitment to the cause have been instrumental in advancing AB 1033.
  • Senators Blakespear, Skinner, and Wiener: These Senators have championed the bill, recognizing its potential to address California’s housing affordability challenges.
  • Casita Coalition Members: The collective efforts of all members who wrote letters and showed support for AB 1033 have been invaluable in pushing this legislation forward.

What’s Next:

While the bill has passed a pivotal vote in the California Senate, there are still essential steps to be taken. AB 1033 will now return to the Assembly for a final vote before heading to the Governor’s desk for approval. The final stages of the legislative process are critical, and the Casita Coalition and its partners remain committed to ensuring the bill’s success.


AB 1033 represents a remarkable stride towards making homeownership more accessible and affordable in California by selling the ADU separately. As a company that offers the full spectrum of ADU services, including plans, permits, construction, rentals, and more, CCS Inc is excited about the potential this legislation holds for our clients and communities across the state.

The future of affordable housing through ADU conversions in California is looking brighter than ever, start your ADU project today with CCS Inc:

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