Unpermitted Dwelling Unit

Unpermitted Dwelling Unit (UDU)

The city of Los Angeles requires permits to be obtained for every major construction project. Dwelling units are no exception. Yet many homeowners bypass the permitting process before building an unpermitted unit to avoid paying the building permit fee or dealing with the paperwork involved in it. Years after years, the city treated illegal units with an iron fist approach, forcing hundreds of them to be shuttered.

However, deepening crises of affordable housing in the city have prompted the authorities to do everything possible to encourage property owners to bring their unpermitted units up to the code through a streamlined retroactive building permitting process. To get a dwelling unit legalized, the homeowners have to work with the Department of Building and Safety (LADBS), City Planning, and the Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA).

For years, we at CCS Inc have been helping property owners legalize their unpermitted dwelling units. No matter what the type and size of your unit, we can work with you at every step of the way to help you obtain compliance.

CCS Inc assists with legalizing unpermitted dwelling units, regardless of their type or size.

What is a UDU?

An unpermitted dwelling unit is an additional housing unit built on a property without necessary building permits and inspections.

Why Legalize Your UDU?

  • Improved living conditions
  • Peace of mind
  • Free or low-cost inspections
  • Reduced risk of code enforcement action

The Path to Legalization

We aim to make the process of legalizing your UDU simple, straightforward, and stress-free for you. Our experts keep you in the loop throughout the way so that you know exactly what to expect at each phase.

Application Submission

LADBS requires you to submit a set of plans that shows your unit meets the minimum building codes and guidelines. These plans include structural and framing details, windows and walls, energy efficiency (title 24), and other details. We will draw the necessary drawings and floor plans and submit them to the LADBS.

Plan Check

LADBS staff will review plans and identify any code corrections. We will attend the plan check at review time and remove any objections.

UDU Amnesty Program

In 2017, California announced a voluntary program to allow property owners to legalize qualifying unpermitted units, provided they meet life safety and affordability requirements. To become eligible for the UDU legalization program, you will need to;

  • Show that the unit was built or occupied as a residential unit between Dec 11, 2010, and Dec 10, 2015.
  • Provide at least one deed-restricted affordable unit for low-income households for each legalized unit for at least 55 years.
  • Resolve any code violations before submitting the permit application.

LADBS Inspections

The building department will conduct one or more inspections of your UDU to verify compliance before issuing the Certificate of Occupancy. The inspector will visit your property to identify any building code corrections and zoning reliefs that are necessary.

We will help you schedule inspection initial and final inspections and act as a liaison between you and the inspectors when they occur.

Remediate Unpermitted Work Los Angeles

Remedial Work

If your UDU does not conform to the health, safety, planning, and zoning codes, the building department asks you to perform necessary remedial work.

We will work with you to remove any outstanding code violations from your unit.

Once the building department verifies that the project complies with the ordinance and adheres to the applicable codes, it will issue a Certificate of Occupancy for your property for the unit.

Legalizing Your UDU Couldn't Have Been Easier

With Los Angeles desperately running short of low-cost housing and easing the way to legalize unpermitted dwelling units, it’s a great time to legalize your UDU to abate potentially unsafe conditions in your home and use it to generate a rental income.


No matter whether you have received a notice of violation from the building department or looking to obtain voluntary compliance, you can rely on CCS Inc to get the job done in a seamless manner.

Reach out to us today to get started on legalizing your unpermitted dwelling.

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