Best home investment in 2020? Probably an ADU.

An article published by Reuters has shown that the housing crisis continues to worsen in Los Angeles, America’s second-largest city. As the shortage of affordable housing continues to plunge city residents into poverty, it is becoming important for the housing department to rethink their strategy and provide people suitable alternatives. An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), commonly referred to as Granny flat, is becoming a popular solution. In the recent past, we have legislators move with speed to ease the ADU construction process. This is through the elimination of some of the requirements in order to encourage citizens to put up more ADUs. Therefore, construction of ADUs has become a popular subject today. Will an ADU be your best home investment?

In this post, we feature some of the benefits of constructing an ADU in Los Angeles. Keep reading to find out why you need to build an ADU on your property.

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New passed laws

California just recently passed new regulations for ADU. This makes it so much easier for thousands of home owners. They can now easily take the advantage of making the best home investment and improvement possible.

An ADU as a source of income

There are different potential uses of an ADU, but the primary reason why most homeowners in Los Angeles consider constructing an ADU is to provide them an alternative source of revenue. If you have a suitable space within your household, rather than just leave it idle, you can turn the space into moneymaking project through constructing an ADU. Over time, the rent earned will pay for the cost of construction, leaving you with a source of income. For the working generation, this can be a good source of supplemental income during your retirement years. Knowing this, many people who are putting up ADUs have an extra income mindset.

Phase 2: Hire A Qualified Contractor

You already know how much you want to spend on custom home building. Therefore, invite bids from various contractors. Hire the contractor offering you the best pricing. Remember to perform a proper background check to determine the suitability.

It can be your best home investment by increase the property value

Did you know that by putting up an ADU you can increase the property value? Owing to the increasing demand for housing in Los Angeles, property buyers are looking for properties and homes that they can rent out and earn income on. If you invested to put up an ADU within your compound, you stand a chance to sell the property at almost double the buying price. This is owing to the attractiveness nature attached to a property within which there is an ADU.

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Use the ADU to provide housing to your domestic workers

An ADU is a great place to house your live-in house help, providing them a separate living space rather than sharing rooms with your children. Your employees will feel less constrained when you provide them accommodation outside of the main house. This provides more convenience to the homeowners.

You are helping to address the housing shortages in Los Angeles

By putting up an ADU, you are actually helping to address a national issue. The ADUs are considered a more affordable option compared to putting up the main house. Within the City, the cost of buying residential property has gone up making it hard for city dwellers to purchase a suitable house. However, by putting up an ADU, you can rent it out to someone who has not managed to save enough to finance home buying in Los Angeles.

An ADU could be your Aging Place

Also referred to as a Granny Flat, the ADU provides aged persons suitable accommodation. If you intend to use the ADU as your retirement home, you should talk to the designer to bear that in mind. This is so that the suitable features are included when designing the ADU. An ADU provides the aged persons a convenient housing as they do not have to pay high cost of maintenance.

Opportunity for multi-generational housing

The ADUs provide a suitable opportunity for long-term generational housing arrangements. For example, a nuclear family with school-going children can stay in the main house while their uncles live in the ADU. Alternatively, the aged can share the ADU while the younger generation lives in the main house. This kind of arrangements is suitable when you have a larger nuclear family.
Take advantage of the eased ADU construction laws, and put up a granny flat in your backyard. There are different types of ADUs to choose from. Work with an authorized ADU construction consultant to ensure you make the right decisions on your best home investment. See our ADU services here. At CCS Inc, we help our customers when it comes to ADU construction in Los Angeles.

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