Granada Hills

Granada Hills

CCS Inc provides ADU specialists, room addition construction, and garage conversion in Granada Hills. At CCS Inc, we are professional ADU experts and contractors. Because we have over 30 years of experience in the building and construction industry. Therefore, if you are planning to put up an ADU or an additional room. Then contact us, we can also help you with financing.

With our strong commitment our customers achieve success when it comes to construction of ADUs and room addition projects.

Your project will flow smoothly by choosing us. This from the start to the end. Because we make sure of an efficient project design and approvals phase. So talk to us today, to enjoy the best ADU and room addition services in Granada Hills.

In recent times, we have witnessed the state encouraging homeowners to put up ADUs. This in a move to avert the growing housing crisis. Therefore, it is such a perfect time, when the homeowners should be thinking of undertaking ADU construction.

Not only to create additional space for your growing family. But also as an income-generating source. Consider that many people are moving into Granada Hills in search of jobs. Also even just to reside there, since Granada Hills has a wonderful atmosphere. So, if you build an ADU today, you stand a chance of earning extra income if you rent out the newly built unit. Therefore talk to CCS Inc for professional and reliable ADU builders.

Start your ADU project in Granada Hills

    ADU Design

    At CCS Inc, we are ready to help you through the project. We will provide the following services.

    ADU Design

    We have experienced team working with us when it comes to ADU designing and construction. Our experts are well trained and they will ensure that a proper approach is taken when designing the ADU. This includes ensuring proper utilization of available space and designing a uniquely looking ADU in order to ensure outstanding results.

    Approvals and Building Compliance

    This is probably one of the painstaking phases when putting up a granny unit. Are you afraid of the approvals and permit application process? At CCS Inc, we are ready to help you through the process. Contact us today and enjoy the best experience when seeking approvals and ensuring compliance with building codes.

    Owner Representation

    We understand that homeowners have a busy schedule. Therefore you may not be available to handle the different complexities. To ensure smooth flow of a project, you may require a trusted representative. One whom you can easily work with to ensure efficient and on-track project completion. At CCS Inc, we are the rightful owner representation company for your requirements.

    Contact CCS Inc today and enjoy the best experience when building an ADU or planning for room addition projects. We are an experience company and we provide you value for your money.

    ADU Design
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