Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills

Changing lifestyle, expanding family and property value addition. These are some of the reasons to consider an ADU. At CCS Inc, we provide ADU and room additions specialists. Who are serving woodland Hills. We also ensure a fast and reliable service when building your ADU or handling the room addition project.

We will take control of the entire project. This is right from the beginning through completion. Committed, our experts will also make sure that your great vision becomes a reality. This is through combined effort from our strategic partners and experienced members of staff. Therefore, if you are looking for an expert ADU and room addition experts serving Woodland Hills. Then we are here to help you.

Below is an overview of some of the services offered by CCS Inc in Woodland Hills

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    Violation Compliance

    When a property owner is facing code enforcement and is not sure where to begin. Then CCS Inc will move in with speed and assist you. Experienced, we will handle complications that involve the department of building and safety. Therefore, our experienced consultants are ready. Ready to ensure the project gets back in track within a short period. We have over three decade’s experience in handling building and construction compliance in Woodland Hills. So there is no issue that can beat us. This when it comes to resolving violation compliance issues in Woodland Hills.

    ADU Specialists in Woodland Hills

    Are you planning to put up a backyard house? So you can accommodate the growing family or earn some rental income? Then CCS Inc can provide a full design and building service. From putting up your Accessory Dwelling Unit to room addition construction or garage conversion. This while helping you ensuring compliance with the new ADU construction rules.

    We also offer financing!

    Professional Construction Management

    CCS Inc is the number one construction management consultant. Who is serving Woodland Hills and the surrounding cities. We have experienced construction management consultants. All who can handle your commercial building and the residential building. So you can be sure to avoid project delays throughout a project. From the start to completion. We also strive to ensure efficiency while making sure the project is delivered within the set budget.

    Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

    When undertaking a construction project, disputes are inevitable. What is important is ensuring you have a consultant to handle any disputes. This in order to ensure the project is back on track. Talk to CCS Inc for professional construction dispute resolution and mediation.


    At CCS Inc, our goal remains to ensure that our customers experience best standards when putting up new room additions. So contact us today for the best experience when handling construction projects. By doing so you will talk to experienced consultants. Whom have many years of experience in exceeding customer’s visions and expectations.